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Holiday packages

Here you’ll find different arrangements to discover nature further, accompanied by a specialized nature guide.

In the spring there are several interesting tours possible to follow and watch specific birds in their courting game, such as the grouse and capercaillie. Or you can discover owls in the evening with their specific sounds, night jar or cranes.

Try a wildlife safari where you can discover deer, foxes, wild boar, moose and beavers.

Special boat trips in a wooden canoe to explore the area are available from May to the end of September. Another challenge for autumn is to search for edible nature and to make a real meal out of it.

And what about to join a experienced fishing guide to catch salmon or artic char in one of our bigger lakes in the area?

Look below for more info, call or follow us on Facebook.

Discover Tiveden from the water

Discover Tiveden from the water

Experience Tiveden from the water. In a real wooden canoe, with guide Lovisa, you slowly paddle over small, quiet streams and clear lakes. Her Traveling Traceless tours create a special tension between nature and human influence.
During this day trip of about 4.5 hours you will learn about the original special use of these light agile canoes. In addition, it is a magical experience to explore nature and its fauna from the water.
The tour starts with a thorough workshop to learn the technique and get instructions to paddle safely. Then the tour starts by entring the water. Along the way there is also time for a typical Swedish fika and we also make lunch on the open fire over land.
Day trips can be booked from the beginning of May to the end of September, more than 20 days in advance.

Included are the canoe, paddles, life jackets and knee pads, lunch and fika.
Bring your own: clothing adapted to the weather conditions, sturdy waterproof shoes, towel and an extra set of dry and warm clothing and underwear.


Group can be 2-6 persons.

Discover Tiveden for a three-day vacation

Discover Tiveden for a three-day vacation

You experience the astonishing Tiveden with its virgin forest in three different ways, a real adventure. You visit beautiful lakes and walk or cycle between the beautiful rocky hills and rough forests of Tiveden.
You stay in a newly build hotel room or in a cabin at Hamgården Nature Resort Tiveden with a nice view of Lake Unden.

Day 1:
You start with a cycletour of 35 km in the deep forests of Tiveden. A little break to eat your packed lunch at the nature reserve Fagertärn. For your afternoon coffee, you can visit Bakstugan or Tivedstorp, a short stroll extra. At Hamgården waits a well deserved diner.

Day 2:
Today you paddle the beautiful small lakes of Tiveden. A wonderful trip in astonishing silence. You will be guided av Lovisa, our specialist in original wooden canoepaddling.
In the evening we offer a dinner. The sauna is heated up in the evening or you can sit with a fire at the lake.

Day 3:
After breakfast you visit the National Park Tiveden for an exciting walk. You can take a dive at lake Trehörningen with Vitsand. This beautiful beach is worth a visit.

Included in the package: full board stay at Hamgården, materials, maps and information.

Tips: Real hikingshoes, clothes for rainy and sunny days, thermos and a little backpack.

Price/person 3395 kr based on 2 pers. share a double room.

Price: 3395 kr p.p. based on 2 pers. booking in a shared double room.

Booking at our booking page at least 20 days in advance. made a note ‘Discover Tiveden package’.

Outdoorcooking during swedish autumn

Outdoorcooking during swedish autumn

There’s a thin crisp to the air and a stillness to the woods we’re walking through. A stillness only to be found in early autumn. Red lingon-berries are gleaming like rubies from the lower bushes.
All together we collect them and find ourselves a sunny bank by the small lake. There we make camp, cooking a traditional swedish Råraka (potatoe pancake) and making jam from the berries that we’ve just collected.
Stories of the past circles around the fire., while yellow leaves are falling. We can hear a black woodpecker drumming and calling. It’s a good day to be outdoors in Tiveden.

A guided tour walking in a small group.
Tools for collecting berries
A jar of lingonberryjam, to bring back home
Skills that will take your next outdoor-adventure to new levels.

Bring warm clothes, accordingly to the weather and steady hiking shoes or boots.

Available in september.

Booking here on the bookingpage, until 20 days before the trip.

Moose safari in Tiveden

Moose safari in Tiveden

The moose – the king of the Swedish forest- is our focus of attention during the evening
You will also get to learn more about the moose, it´s life and habitats. As well as how you improve your chances to find it.

The guided tour starts out in the forest by our camp, where you enjoy a dinner by the campfire. During the meal you will get exiting know-how of the moose and be able to ask all types of questions.
Full and satisfied we head out on a easy and short walk to experience the realm of the moose. We follow their tracks in the marsh. Look for sundew and cloudberries. Finally we head back to camp for the safari, searching the king of the Swedish forest.

Wear good shoes, hiking boots or rubber boots, bring your camera.
We got binoculars for every guest
A typical Swedish dinner is included as well as drinks, and of course our famous dessert.

The tour takes about 5 hours and are possible on thursdays and sundays.
Book this tour here on the bookingpage.
Deep forest walk in Tiveden national park

Deep forest walk in Tiveden national park

Join our guided walk where you experience a part of Tiveden national park where few go. The focus is for you to find your own little piece of mind where you can relax and enjoy the tranquility of nature. You experience the calm and silence of the wilderness. A simple meal is included too.

We will take you deeper into the forest during this deep forest walk, so that you will be embraced by the healing forces of nature as well as your own calm. Our guide will tell you somethings about the nature you will meet in the beginning of the tour. The main part of the walk is focused on calming down, find your piece of mind and enjoy the silence of nature. On your blanket you will experience the closeness to nature and you might even fall asleep.

Bring with you good shoes – running shoes or hiking boots, a meal is included.
Maximum 8 persons

The tour takes about 4 hours, bookable on wednesdays here on the bookingpage.


Discover the love life of the capercaillie and grouse

Discover the love life of the capercaillie and grouse

The capercaillie and the black grouse show a magical and exciting courtship in the early spring days. Just after sunrise, these birds show up in the wetlands in their full array.
You can choose between two different packages with guide David.

Before sunrise you will be picked up to go to the marsh and see challenging game of the grouse. The males then seem to have put themselves up to defend their territory.
The characteristic sound is the only thing that breaks through the morning silence. The dancing then starts and can become so wild, that there are feathers flying around. The grouse on this spot has played the same game for centuries.
For the game of the capercaillie, one stays overnight in a hide-out in the middle of nature. It requires absolute silence and endurance to view the game of the capercaillies.

Included in this excursion is a lot of information about the life of the fowl and their whereabouts. In addition, you will receive breakfast and coffee or tea. Warm clothing is recommended, as well as good waterproof footwear.

Program: Black grouse courtship 3 days

Day 1:
Meetingpoint gathering around 4 pm. You will receive information about the excursion in the evening. Together trip to the overnightstay in the forest. 

Day 2:
In the early morning starts the spectacle of the black grouse from approximately 3 am to 12 am. Around 3 pm incheck at Hamgården for a good night sleep in a cosy hotelroom with shower and toilet facilities. In the evening serves a nice 3-course meal in the restaurant.

Day 3: Breakfast at Hamgården and checkout.

Location: Locally in the deep forests of Tiveden

Number of participants: 2 – 4 people
Bookable in April

Program Capercaillie courtship: 3 days

Day 1:
Start at 3.00 pm Instruction and overnight stay in a hide-out in the deep forests of Tiveden in a warm sleeping bag.

Day 2: Together with guide David you can watch the spectacle, until 12.00 am. Then a possibility to take a rest in a hotelroom with shower and toilet at Hamgården. The second night will be also in the hide-out, to increase the chances to see the spectacle. Includes meals etc.

Day 3: Breakfast in the forest

Number of participants: max. 2-4 people


Combination of these packages possible.

Fishing more than just catching a fish

Fishing more than just catching a fish

Be part of a fishing team, enjoy quality time together with a friend, family member, colleague or businesspartner.

Experience the feeling of safety, when you follow on an adventure at a wonderful lake, as your guide has got the necessary competence with primary safety in mind.

The guide follows the sportfishing rules appointed for the specific lake. The rules are made to maintain a sustainable nature resource.

The guide Kristofer is specialised in trout, arctic char, perch, zander and pike. For each kind are special techniques and lakes available in the beautiful surroundings of Tiveden.

Your chance to experience this premium fishing!


Small group of 2-3 pers, 7 hours 

All fishing gear and safety equipment is included in the price, as well as lunch and *fika*

Evening fishing in juli and august.

Small group of 2 – 3 persons, 4 hours. 

Booked in advance, through our booking page, with your stay here at Hamgården.